Description of activities 

SEPTABERG  is a supplier innovating in the spare parts for the installation of machine of cutting with (UHP) the water of high pressure: of sapphire, ruby, diamonds, of tube of carbide, sitec, uhp fried, ect . Original spare parts for the pumps made by the flow, ir/kmt, boehler,ect.. New pumps or occasion with a power up to 420 bar.                 

Cutting by water jetconsisting using the kinetic energy ofparticles of water (pure or charged with abrasiveparticles) projected at high speed of about 1000 m/s on material to be cut out. This cutting is operated by applying a pressure bordering the 3800 bars to a going water flow from 0,5 to 10 liter (S) /minute and is carried out by tearing off of material. The power of the water jet under the pressure can be amplified by adding abrasives, polymers or the mixture of tecnologies by  water jet make it possible to cut out many heterogeneous and homogeneous materials(glass, textile, leather, ceramics, metal, paper,composites, plastics, honeycomb, hone, paperboard…) and the use in very controlled medium (agro-alimentary) . The use of the water high pressure ofjet pure or charged with abrasives can be employed on abroad metallic material range or nonmetal.Except for materials such as ceramics and silica.

The Diving    

The Diving    The bottle of diving is the tank which contains compressed gas (generally of the air) necessary to the breathing of the plunger. The bottles can also contain other respiratory mixtures (Nitrox, Héliair, Hydrox, Trimix, Héliox, Hydreliox) of the air or L '' pure oxygen to increase the depths atteignable or to limit the following accident risks the gases used, according to the type of diving and the level of plunger. The air is the gas more used nowadays because much easier to compress in the blocks. The air being much more current is also much less expensive. The nitrox gains ground, because it makes it possible to extend the durations of diving without stage.

Sepatberg  offers tanks and cylinders high pressure (operating pressure up to 410 Bar) for medical, special and industrial gases. Available out of steel alloy and alluminuim. The gases are useful accelerated or to slow down a process, to cool or heat products, to modify them or preserve them.  The great majority of gases are perceptible neither with the sight, neither with the sense of smell, nor with the taste. They preserve the freshness of food, help the men to breathe, and are used to clean, but also contribute to improvequality of our water, to preserve our health and to improve our quality of life. The principal industrial gases are:  gases with theair (oxygen, nitrogenizes and argon), gas mixtures, acetylene, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and helium.The principal industrial gases are:  the gases with the air (oxygen, nitrogenize.


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